Riders across the pond may know of R&G, the motorcycle accessory maker specializing in crash protection for naked and sport bikes. 

The brand is known for being very receptive when it comes to crash protection for even the oldest of bikes out there, but this time, a specific Chinese manufacturer has made enough waves for the folks over at R&G’s headquarters to notice. 

R&G is launching a new lineup of products for the CFMoto 450 SS, also known as the 450 SR in other countries. The super sport enjoyed a launch in the United States earlier this year, and it’s shaping up to be one of the “it” beginner bikes to get. With the 450 SS getting a bit of recognition in the States, and already notable adoption throughout Europe, R&G is stepping in to equip riders with some much-needed crash protection. 

Sometimes, it’s the accessories and the support that may make or break a motorcycle purchase, and now CFMoto 450 SS owners and would-be owners will find that the model gets a full laundry list of goodies from the British accessory maker. 

Equipped with a 450cc parallel-twin engine with a 270-degree offset crankshaft, the 450 SS, or SR, is an exceptional bike in its class. Poised against the likes of the Kawasaki Ninja 400 and other Japanese rivals, it might as well be CFMoto’s segment from here on out. 

Gallery: R&G Accessories - CFMoto 450 SR/450 SS

R&G is giving the bike a full lineup of protection parts. The brand has developed a comprehensive range of equipment that will guard the bike from a tip-over or a slide. These include Bar-End Sliders, Fork Protectors, Lever Guards, PRO Radiator Guards, Tank Traction Grips, a Fender Eliminator, Dashboard Screen Protector, Blanking Plates, and a few other bits and pieces. 

We are excited to introduce our cutting-edge range of crash protection and accessories for the CFMoto 450SS,” said Simon Hughes, managing director of R&G. “Owners can now ride with confidence, knowing they have equipped their motorcycles with industry-leading protection and personalized touches that reflect their unique style and preferences.

Currently, the brand is in the process of stocking up on a bulk of the accessories for the CFMoto sport bike. If you own one, however, and want to rock R&G’s goods, then you may want to add the items to your basket and put your order down.

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