It goes without saying that safety regulations surrounding bikes and gear are much stricter in Europe than they are in the U.S. I mean, how often do we see so-called squids popping wheelies up and down the interstate with nothing more than a tank top and shorts on? Over in Europe, everything has to be regulated – from the safety equipment on the bikes, to the gear riders wear from head to toe. 

It's not surprising, really, that motorcycle gear and equipment makers have been working hard to make their specialized equipment blend in with regular street wear. After all, not everyone rides their bikes for the sole purpose of enjoyment. When it comes to the essentials – gloves, helmets, and boots, comfort is usually the name of the game, and is given as much importance as safety. That being said, French gear and equipment manufacturer Segura is known the world over for its protective, stylish, and comfortable wares; the latest of which comes to us in the form of the Eden summer gloves. 

Segura Gears You Up For The Daily Ride With The Eden Summer Gloves

Diving right into the technical specifications of these casual yet protective gloves, the Eden is certified Level 1 PPE under the EN13594:2015 standard thanks to a myriad of safety-focused technology which doesn't skimp on comfort and style. The textile glove is made out of an abrasion-resistant polyester fabric on the back of the hand, and features a protective shell on the joints. Meanwhile, the cuff area is made out of comfy and breathable 3D mesh fabric, which also doesn't sacrifice structural rigidity and abrasion resistance. 

Over on the other side of the glove, we find a synthetic Amara fabric on the palm which is reinforced at the base of the palm. This synthetic fabric provides the durability of leather, minus the weight and heat that accompany it. A velcro tab keeps the cuff snug on your wrist, ensuring the gloves stay on your hands no matter what. 

At the end of the day, it's important to note that the Segura Eden is ideal for city riding. However, due to its limited protective features – it's lacking palm sliders and other heavy-duty protective elements – you're probably better off wearing a different pair of gloves on longer, more spirited rides. All that being said, the Eden is super affordable, retailing for just 34.99 Euros, making the ideal everyday pair of gloves for commuting and running errands.

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