With the riding season in full swing, and warmer weather in the forecast, it's always a good idea to gear up in light, breathable gear, without skimping on protective features. With the first days of summer fast approaching, lots of gear makers have been launching their wares to the market, most of which consist of breathable textile gear designed to provide as much airflow as possible. 

Alpinestars, one of the best known gear and equipment manufacturers in the world is absolutely no exception. For decades, the brand has pioneered technology when it comes to safety and comfort on two wheels, and for the 2023 riding season, it's going back to basics with the Caliber Slim Fit Tech pants. From a styling perspective, these pants are casually styled, inspired from the design of cargo pants. Featuring a slim cut, the pants do an excellent job of concealing their motorcycle-approved nature. 

Alpinestars Adds The New Caliber Slim Fit Tech Pants To Its Catalog

Beneath the surface, however, the Caliber Slim Fit Tech pants are equipped with all the safety tech you'd expect from a brand like Alpinestars. For starters, they're constructed out of 12oz Single Layer Cordura Stretch fabric, promoting optimal range of motion while providing excellent abrasion resistance. At the knees, the pants are fitted as standard with Nucleon Flux Plus CE level 1 protectors which are removable and height adjustable. On the hips, the pants get pockets for optional Bioflex CE protectors. Thanks to all these features, the Alpinestars Caliber Slim Fit Tech pants are PPE Class A certified according to EN17092-4:2020. 

Given that these pants are designed for street use, they're also equipped with basic amenities that make them a practical choice both on and off the bike. For starters, they feature a total of six pockets providing you with ample storage to keep your daily essentials. The pants are also equipped with belt loops, while employing a standard zip and button closure. 

In terms of pricing and availability, Alpinestars offers the Caliber Slim Fit Tech pants in two colors consisting of black and beige. Sizes range from 28 to 40, and the pants carry a retail price of $299.95 USD. As of this writing, however, the pants are on sale for $214.95 USD on Alpinestars' official website linked below.

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