French motorcycle gear and equipment maker Furygan has quite an impressive arsenal of gear. Now that we're approaching some of the best riding weather in the northern hemisphere, there's no better time to stock up on new riding gear to have us feeling fresh aboard the saddle. Furygan's back at it again with the Speed Mesh Evo jacket, a combo of mesh and leather designed primarily for sporty street riders. 

Right off the bat, it's clear that Furygan has taken styling cues from the world of racing for this sporty jacket. The leather panels are thick, robust, and made out of cowhide. These provide the exposed areas maximum protection, while giving the jacket a streamlined look, as well. Meanwhile, large 3D mesh panels on the chest, arms, and back offer quite a lot of ventilation, allowing you to keep cool on the saddle. 

French Gear Specialist Furygan Presents The Speed Mesh Evo Jacket

Apart from the ample ventilation, the Speed Mesh Evo also has quite a number of comfort-focused amenities. For example, the jacket has comfort gussets on the elbows and shoulders to facilitate movement. Zippers and cuffs on the wrist ensure a snug fit, while a comfy neoprene collar prevent chafing at the neck. Lastly, there are adjustment straps on the waist, ensuring a perfect fit, and preventing the jacket from creeping up, especially when in a tucked position on the bike. 

As for protective technology, Furygan has equipped the Speed Mesh Evo with quite a lot of protective elements. It gets external shells on the shoulders, as well as soft and comfy D3O protectors on the elbows and shoulders. There are also pockets up front for chest protectors, and a large pocket at the back for a back protector. Thanks to all those features, the Speed Mesh Evo is certified Class AA PPE according to the newest EN17092 standard. 

In terms of availability, Furygan offers the Speed Mesh Evo in a variety sizes ranging from S to 3XL. Colors are either black with white markings, or all-black, and the jacket retails for 369.90 Euros, or about $370 USD. On that note, I currently have the Furygan Speed Mesh Evo in my collection, and will have a comprehensive review of this sporty jacket posted here very soon. Be sure to stay tuned for that!

French Gear Specialist Furygan Presents The Speed Mesh Evo Jacket
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