This winter season has been exceptionally harsh in a lot of parts in the northern hemisphere. As such, a lot of folks have resorted to stowing away their motorcycles and for the most part, staying warm at home whenever possible. However, those who choose to hop aboard their two-wheelers in the dead of winter—be it out of necessity or enjoyment—better be well equipped to handle the cold head on. 

Indeed, getting caught unprepared in cold weather is a recipe for disaster, and choosing to power through the cold an even bigger one. Luckily, nearly all gear and equipment manufacturers have products designed not only to keep you warm on the saddle, but keep you safe in the event of a slide, too. One such brand is Furygan. Based in Nimes, France, the company is well acquainted with cold weather, and all the vagaries it brings with it, and thus, seeks to keep motorcyclists warm with its new Softshell winter pants. 

French Gear Manufacturer Furygan Releases New Softshell Winter Pants

As suggested by the pants' name, they're constructed out of three layers of laminated softshell panels that provide the protection against the elements, while at the same time offering crash protection. The outer membrane is an abrasion-resistant Skin Protect lining, while inside, we find a waterproof and breathable Humax membrane. There's also a full thermal lining inside to keep the warmth in, and the cold and water out. Lastly, there are anti-slip panels on the back and sides, allowing you to have a secure perch atop your motorbike. 

Additionally, there are two sets of approved, detachable D3O protectors on the hips and knees that can be adjusted to three different heights for increased resistance. The safety features of the trousers are completed with reflective inserts. As per the EN17092:2020 standard, Furygan's Softshell winter trousers are class AA PPE approved.

The higher rear profile of the Softshell prevents your lower back from being exposed when riding. Four waterproof pockets, lower leg comfort zips, and an expanded waistband with adjustment tabs contribute to the comfort and functionality. The Furygan Softshell trousers are offered in black and in sizes ranging from S to 3XL for 159.90 Euros, or around $170 USD.

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