Fashion has always played a major role in the world of motorcycling. It's true, our beloved two-wheelers are just as much lifestyle symbols as they are means of mobility. In fact, some people would even say that they're more of the former than of the latter, and this is evidenced by the great lengths a lot of people would go through in commitment of the two-wheeled lifestyle. 

REV'IT! Presents The New Liv Ladies Leather Jacket

That being said, these days, a lot of gear and equipment manufacturers are designing gear that's just as stylish as it's protective. Take, for example, the new Liv jacket from Dutch gear label REV'IT!. REV'IT! has pretty much cemented itself as a household name in the world of two wheels. With equipment designed for all disciplines of riding – from the track to the trails – the brand now targets the chic urban rider, more specifically, the ladies who want to look good while being protected aboard their bikes. 

The REV'IT! Liv jacket is a retro-style leather jacket that gives off a laid-back, casual aesthetic. Aside from just looking the part, REV'IT! claims that the Liv is super comfy, too, thanks to the use of sheepskin leather. In fact, the entire exterior of the jacket is made of sheepskin, which is known for its softness, elasticity, and light weight. Underneath the sheepskin exterior, however, lies an abrasion and impact-resistant layer that gives the jacket PPE Class AA certification. 

Diving into the safety technology a bit more, the REV'IT! Liv is equipped with the brand's proprietary SEESMART CE level 1 armor on the shoulders and the elbows. As is the case with nearly all jackets, an optional back protector can be fitted thanks to a pocket at the back. For just a dash of extra visibility, REV'IT! has thrown in a reflective stripe on the back of the jacket, which is really the only telltale sign that this is an actual motorcycle jacket. 

While the REV'IT! Liv is designed specifically for the ladies, the brand also has the Travon jacket for men. Just like the Liv, it features retro styling and the same sheepskin leather. All the safety features are the same, as well. As for pricing, the new REV'IT! retro-style jackets retail for 399.99 Euros, or about $441 USD. 

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