Got a minute, or twenty-eight? The 2022 FIM Hard Enduro Championship drew to a close late last year, and if you missed out on the major developments, or if you want to get back up to speed with the stakes that are up in the 2023 season, watch this video. 

On the Red Bull Motorsports YouTube channel, a recap video of the 2022 season is live and ready for viewing. Titled, “Who is the Undisputed King of Hard Enduro | 2022 Season Review,” the video is a 28-minute-long short documentary recap of one splendid season. 

The 2022 season of the FIM Hard Enduro Championship ended with Manuel Lettenbichler taking the title for the year, with 127 points in total. 

We open up with a bunch of B-rolls of gnarly hard enduro, then the introduction, with the first rider interviewed being Billy Bolt, who opened up the season last year with a wrist injury. Not being “100 percent” for the start of the season, Billy Bolt held his own at the start of 2022, taking second at Israel. 

Things weren’t easy for the defending champ in the legs that followed, but he came out with a solid performance early into the season. 

One of the other racers that were covered included Wade Young, who was suffering from chronic back pain during the season. 

Graham Jarvis’ suffered an injury in 2021, and his performance in the 2022 season was initially not looking so good at the time. However, the 47-year-old pushed and got a few podiums. A poetic comeback at the start of the season cemented his legend, but Austria proved to be a disaster as a mechanical failure led to his disqualification and supposedly took away his momentum for a championship-winning run, even amidst the turmoil in Erzberg Rodeo, Romania saw Jarvis wear the crown by the end of the leg. 

Teodor Kabakchiev a relative rookie in 2022 after placing eighth in the 2021 season, came back in 2022 to further prove his worth in the sport and took a podium at Minus 400 in Israel. At the end of the season, he managed to get fourth place, a respectable finish on the back of his KTM and off his experience. 

The standings in 2022 meant that Manuel Lettenbichler is the defending champion for the 2023 season. Mario Roman was second last year and should be in contention for the championship again, but perhaps Graham Jarvis could upset the defending champion and the defending runner-up. However, with the field dominated by a ton of talented riders, it’s anyone’s game at this point. The 2021 Champion, Billy Bolt, finished in eighth place this year, so who knows who will come out on top for 2023? 

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