A lot of us ride the bikes we ride because we like the sound they make. Like most things in life, when it comes to engine sounds, it's different strokes for different folks. Bikes like the Ducati Monster are known for their burly exhaust notes, and more often than not, owners want to accentuate that sound with an aftermarket exhaust system. 

Out of the factory, motorcycle exhaust systems are optimized not only to meet performance goals, but more importantly, emissions and noise regulations. Those looking to make their bikes a tad louder can head over to the aftermarket for a near-endless selection of options. In the case of the Ducati Monster, Italian exhaust specialist Exan has introduced two new slip-on options which are both rather affordable, and best of all, street-legal in compliance with Euro 5 regulations. 

Italian Exhaust Brand Exan Has Two New Slip-Ons For The Ducati Monster
Italian Exhaust Brand Exan Has Two New Slip-Ons For The Ducati Monster

The first of which is the X-One. The stainless-steel exhaust pipe follows the oblique styling of the Ducati Monster, giving the bike a very sleek, OEM-plus aesthetic. It's offered in three finishes consisting of black satin steel, carbon, and titanium. Exan promises a very straightforward installation, as the X-One mounts to the Monster's existing manifold, and is sold with all the hardware and components needed for the install. 

Up next, the X-Black Ovale is modeled after pipes found on Ducat's racing machines. The main difference between the X-Black Ovale and the X-One is the former's much smaller and compact design. Given its smaller proportions, expect it to be somewhat louder than the X-One, too. Nevertheless, the X-Black Ovale retains its street-legal status according to Euro 5 regulations. It's also a slip-on system, so installation should only take a matter of minutes. 

In terms of pricing and availability, the Exan X-One carries a retail price of 382.50 Euros, which translates to about $423 USD. The more race-derived X-Black Ovale, meanwhile, is slightly more expensive at 391.50 Euros, or about $434 USD. Both pipes are available via Exan's official website linked below. 

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