The electric motorcycle market is lacking in one critical segment: tourers. Chinese manufacturer Velimotor wants to fill that void with its new VMX10S. The model features a 72-volt, 58-Amp-hour battery that reaches up to 150 kilometers (93 miles) per charge, a considerable range for a 128-kilogram (282.2-pound) electric motorcycle.

Still, Velimotor offers additional power packs separately. Each supplementary battery costs $1,080 and easily stows into the optional $300 aluminum cases. Needless to say, the panniers also improve the VMX10S’s carrying capacity with and without the replaceable power cells.

When installed, the battery feeds the model’s 12-kilowatt (16.1 horsepower) brushless DC motor. That duo pushes the VMX to a 120-kilometer-per-hour (74.6-miles-per-hour) top speed and a 0-to-100 km/h (60 mph) time of 9.8 seconds. The Velimotor doesn’t sacrifice practicality for pace, though, with regenerative braking recovering charge and a reverse gear helping riders out of tight spots.

Velimotor VMX10S - Side, Right
Velimotor VMX10S - Side, Left

Aside from the electric drivetrain, the VMX10S is a remarkably standard bike. The tubular steel frame resembles classic dual sport units while the USD fork and rear shock offer adjustability. Wire-spoked wheels remain in the off-road vein, but the 18-inch rear and 19-inch front wheels suitably adapt to pavement-pounding road trips. The model’s linked braking system and 880-mm (34.6-inch) seat height only support the VMX’s mixed influences.

Velimotor equips the electric motorcycle with LED lighting and a digital display. In concert with the electrical system, the Chinese OEM adheres to IP54 (body) and IP67 (electrical system) waterproofing standards. Starting at $2,780 USD, the Velimotor VMX10S is an ultra-affordable option within the budding electric touring segment.

The category still needs to overcome the restriction of electric mobility, but the Chinese brand’s latest offering unlocks novel solutions.

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