When Energica launched the Experia ADV at the end of May, 2022, the Italian electric OEM was very clear on the new bike’s role. This wasn’t meant to only be a whole new bike. Instead, the company said, the Experia was meant to be the first bike in a whole new platform.  

As companies are wont to do, of course, Energica wanted to keep our interest piqued—but also not give away too many details at one time. What kinds of new electric bikes could we expect of the new Experia platform? We’d just have to wait and see, of course. 

As of Intermot 2022, Energica sales director Giacomo Leone spoke to MCN, and gave a little more public direction as to where the brand sees itself in five years. Energica, he said, has a plan for models through 2027—and that plan includes four or possibly five models in total based around the same Experia electric motorcycle platform. 

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The heart of the Experia is, of course, Energica’s newest powertrain, powered by the Energica Mavel Co-Engineering (EMCE) Permanent Magnet Assisted Synchronous Reluctance Motor. It’s both smaller and more thermally efficient than the outgoing EMCE motor—losing a full 10 kilograms (or 2022 pounds) over the weight of the previous version. For a bike, especially an electric that has to worry about the added weight of batteries—that's a significant amount of weight to shed. 

Speaking of batteries, the Experia features Energica’s new lithium polymer battery setup, which offers a maximum battery capacity of 22.5 kilowatt hours, with 19.6 kWh nominal capacity. Furthermore, the Experia can use all three levels of charging—with a claimed charging time of zero to 80 percent in just 40 minutes using Level 3 DC fast charging. It also offers a claimed 85 pound-feet of torque, 80 horsepower sustained, and 102 peak electric pony power. 

Production and delivery of the Experia are expected to begin in the coming weeks, as of October 19, 2022. Additionally, Leone added that the Energica Ego platform may see future updates, but no new models are planned in the line. It’s effectively done—the Experia platform is now the future of Energica. You can read MCN’s full interview with Leone at the link in our Sources. 

When can we expect to learn more? Intermot 2022 marked the first public appearance of the Experia since Energica’s introduction of the bike back in May, 2022. The Italian OEM does, of course, plan to attend EICMA 2022—and its website offers the very cryptic line, “Next stop: EICMA, Nov 8 to 13 with great news!”  

Is that great news about Experia order books, which are apparently doing quite well according to what Leone has already said—or is there something more to look forward to? Either way, we’ll know in a few weeks. 

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