The G20 (Group of 20) consists of 19 countries and the European Union. The intergovernmental body meets on an annual basis to coordinate efforts on trade, climate, and timely global issues. This year, Bali, Indonesia, will host the annual G20 Summit on November 15-16, 2022. When officials land, a fleet of brand-new Energica EsseEsse9+ electric motorcycles will meet them.

Thanks to a deal inked between Energica and Indonesian vehicle retailer and distributor UTOMOCORP, the Indonesian National Police (Poiri) will escort all attending delegates throughout the city aboard the EsseEsse9+.

"When G20 delegates arrive in Bali, they will be welcomed and escorted by a security detail riding Energica bikes. That means their first experience will be seeing zero-emission, high-performance vehicles in action," explained Energica Motor Company CEO Livia Cevolini. "My hope is that this experience sticks with each delegate throughout the summit and in all discussions around climate change and transportation."

Once all 88 EsseEsse9+ units arrive in November, 2022, Indonesia will become the first Asia-Pacific nation to operate an electric motorcycle fleet. The agreement is a win-win-win for Energica, UTOMOCORP, and Indonesia, as the country aims to reach two million road-going electric vehicles by 2025.

Energica already offers a specially equipped EsseEsse9+ for Italian law enforcement. We anticipate the brand to adapt that existing variant to meet Poiri’s needs. The standard EsseEsse9+ comes with a $22,850 price tag. Under the 88-unit, $2M deal, each Police model will cost UTOMOCORP $22,727. Not a bad wholesale price, if you ask us.

"UTOMOCORP is proud to be able to provide the most advanced electric motorcycle for the Indonesian government as the vehicle used by the police force,” added says UTOMOCORP CEO, Denny Utomo. Energica has been tested for quality and technology; it is in line with UTOMOCORP's commitment to bringing quality and leading products with today's developments. This is an initial stage and I hope that in the future we can supply more products, both for general and special needs.”

Energica’s move isn't a new development in the electric motorcycle space. In November, 2021, Harley-Davidson Europe lent six LiveWires to the Glasgow Police (Scotland) for the United Nations Climate Change Conference. Hopefully, manufacturers can secure more of these partnerships in the future, and put more electric motorcycles on the road.

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