Europe's been in the news when it comes to the transport industry lately, as it's strictly implementing protocols in accelerating the adoption of all-electric transport. Several countries in the continent have plans surrounding the gradual phase out of the internal combustion engine. Meanwhile, manufacturers have been scrambling to roll out new models to satisfy the demand that's expected to spike in the coming years. 

Alongside this, several sectors have begun shifting to electric. Last mile delivery, and even police departments have been adding electric two-wheelers to their fleets. The latest of which is the city police department of Lausanne in Switzerland. The picturesque countryside near Lake Geneva has also laid out a climate plan surrounding the electrification of transportation in the coming years, and its local police department has taken the first step by acquiring two new Zero SR/S bikes for its fleet. 

The new Zero electric motorcycles are set to replace the department's older BMW bikes which were heavier, noisier, and more expensive to run and maintain than the new electric models. Since these bikes will see mostly city duty as part of the police department's squadron, the limited range of 250 kilometers, or 155 miles, should be more than enough for a couple days' worth of duty. The Zero SR/S is equipped with a powerful electric motor that pumps out 110 horsepower. Yves Delprato, the officer in charge of the Lausanne police squadron, said that he's excited about the new bikes as they're more quieter and easier to handle than the old ones. 

One of the two Zero SR/S police bikes has been outfitted with all the kit you'd need for police duty. It has been fitted with flashers and a siren, crash bars, side cases, a top case, and a tall windscreen. Meanwhile, the second bike retains its stock appearance and will be used for civilian patrol. The police department of Lausanne looks to add more electric bikes to its fleet in the coming years.

2020 Zero SR/S
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