You may have heard of Brixton before. The company is a subsidiary brand under the KSR group of Austria. With its bikes made in China, its offerings consist of affordable middleweight retro-style bikes. The company has recently filed patents for a new all-electric two-wheeler that's likely to make it to production pretty soon.

Unlike other manufacturers who are building full-blown electric scooters and motorcycles, Brixton’s creation seems to be more of a moped design ideal for use in the urban setting, as opposed to long-distance rides on the highway. It takes the form of a bicycle-like machine at the back, with an exposed frame and rigid swingarm. Instead of traditional rear suspension, it makes use of a single-seater saddle with a spring mounted underneath, kind of like what we see in vintage and classic-style bicycles.

Brixton Is Developing A New Lightweight Electric Scooter

Brixton’s new electric scooter houses its battery close to the ground, in between the floorboards. This is sure to give it a rather stable ride, especially at lower speeds around the city. Moving to the front of the scooter, it’s clear that Brixton’s retro design language carries over to this machine. It gets a thoroughly retro cafe-racer-esque front fascia complete with a round headlight and inverted suspension. The headlight is an LED unit complete with an “X” in the middle, denoting Brixton’s signature styling.

The cockpit seems like a rather basic setup consisting of a standard handlebar, as well as front and rear brake levers similar to what we find on conventional scooters. The bike gets a digital instrument panel enclosed in a small square bezel. Last but not least, the scooter is powered by a small hub-mounted electric motor. Sources suggest that it should be capable of achieving a top speed of around 45 kilometers per hour, or 28 miles per hour.

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