Having a comprehensive set of riding gear, regardless of whether you're simply commuting to work, or going on a multi-day adventure out of town is an essential in my book. Typically, I never leave the confines of my neighborhood without a helmet, jacket or padded vest, gloves, motorcycle jeans, and a pair of over-the-ankle boots. My gear arsenal is enhanced even further for long rides. 

Luckily, lots of gear manufacturers have released products that are nearly indistinguishable from everyday street wear. Take, for example, the new Molo pants from Italian manufacturer Tucano Urbano. The brand has the upcoming spring riding season in mind, as well as folks looking to use their bikes for everyday commuting and squeezing in some work or errands in between. From a styling perspective, the Molo pants are subtle and understated. Nothing about them makes it obvious that they were designed for use on motorbikes. 

In terms of fit, Tucan Urbano provides a slim fit, maintaining a fashionable contour despite the concealed protectors. The pants are constructed out of an abrasion-resistant cotton twill canvas blend with two-percent elastane in the mix to offer a natural-feeling range of motion. The pants are also preformed at the knees, making the fit much more natural, especially when seated on the motorcycle. Underneath the surface, the Molo boasts of a micro-perforated lining enforced with aramid fibers on the knees, buttocks, and hips, for even more slide-resistance. 

In terms of safety tech, this Level 1 CE-certified pair of pants is packing a set of CPS Aerosoft ventilated knee protectors which are height adjustable depending on the length of your legs. Other amenities include reflective elements on the back pockets for extra visibility, three pockets up front, and two cargo pockets on the sides of the thighs. Tucano Urbano offers these pants in only one gray color scheme, and has priced them at 159.90 Euros, or the equivalent of about $173 USD. 

Dress For The Ride And The Slide With Tucano Urbano's Molo Pants
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