We've finally made it through winter, but as you're surely aware, predicting the weather in the spring can be difficult. In response to this, French gear and equipment manufacturer  Segura has released a new pair of certified boots, the Maddox, intended particularly for this transitional phase in response to the uncertain weather conditions.

The Segura Maddox ankle boot has a classic look thanks to the use of substantially proportioned cowhide leather panels. The stylish and adaptable streamlined design offers a classic look. Despite its vintage appearance, the boot is outfitted with modern technology that improves its performance. One such feature is the waterproof layer concealed beneath the polyester lining. This layer acts as a barrier against rain showers and other wet conditions that are frequent in the spring.

In addition to being weather-resistant, the Maddox ankle boot is built to protect against possible impact and crushing injuries. The boot has reinforced zones on the toe and heel sections, which are especially prone to impact damage. The boot also has a transverse anti-crushing midsole, which increases its protective qualities. Lastly, it's also developed with gear selector reinforcement, which increases its durability and longevity. Overall, the Maddox boot has been approved as personal protective equipment (PPE) in line with EN 13634:2017.

The Maddox ankle boot features a standard lace-up closure and a thick rubber sole that contrasts with the rest of the boot. The boot also has a loop at the top of the back to make putting it on and taking it off easier. In addition to useful design components, the Maddox boot has a reflective strip on the rear. Its reflective design improves visibility in low-light circumstances, adding an extra layer of protection to the user.

The Maddox boot comes in a retro-style brown colorway with contrasting red laces, which adds to its visual appeal. It is available in sizes ranging from 40 to 46 and costs 219.99 Euros, which is roughly $237 USD. Overall, the Maddox ankle boot is a fashionable and useful choice for those who respect both form and function.

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