When riding in the city while squeezing in some errands in the process, it's always a good idea to equip yourself with a capable backpack in case you need to pick up some stuff along the way. While you could technically wear any type of backpack while out on the road, it's best to get one that's designed specifically for motorcycling – both ergonomically and from a safety standpoint. 

There are lots of moto-specific backpacks in the market, and Alpinestars, one of the biggest and most respected names in the business, has just launched a brand new model called the AMP-7. It stands for Alpinestars Motion Pack (AMP), and is designed to offer maximum practicality without impeding on comfort and range of motion. It also incorporates abrasion-resistant materials that not only protect your belongings, but could also be a valuable extra layer between you and the asphalt in the event of a crash. The bag is constructed out of a structured synthetic fabric, so it retains its shape even when empty. 

Alpinestars Gears You Up For The Daily Ride With The AMP-7 Backpack

The bag's main pocket offers a sizeable amount of storage – 22 liters to be exact. Furthermore, ti has multiple spaces within with extra zipped pockets, allowing you to better organize your stuff. There's also a removable and adjustable padded pocket for a laptop of tablet – perfect for two-wheeled digital nomads like myself. On the outside of the bag, Alpinestars has incorporated four frontal straps that can be secured allowing the bag to sport compact dimensions when being worn. There's a quick-access zipper on the top, as well. 

As for ergonomics, the Alpinestars AMP-7 gets several padded areas on the back, as well as a shoulder strap with complete adjustability. The strap is made of a perforated synthetic textile for added breathability, and also has a chest harness for added security while riding. There's also an additional belly harness that keeps the bag in place on your body as you shift your weight around the bike. 

When it comes to pricing and availability, Alpinestars' gear has always occupied the upper echelons of the spectrum, and indeed, this is also the case with the AMP-7 backpack. Retailing for 149.95 Euros, or approximately $160 USD, it's pretty expensive for a run-of-the-mill backpack, but actually decently prices for a motorcycle-specific bag.  

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