Dunlop is considered by many as one of the leading tire manufacturers for both cars and motorbikes. With an expansive product portfolio covering the bases of all disciplines of motorcycling, Dunlop continues expanding its product range with the launch of the Trailmax Raid, the brand's most off-road focused set of tires in its catalog. 

Hit The Road And Trail With Dunlop's New Trailmax Raid Tires

In terms of design, the Trailmax Raid features similar tread blocks as that in the D908 RR, and was derived from the brand's rally raid program. The large blocks provide excellent traction on loose terrain, such as sand and gravel, while having enough life to be ridden on the road on the way back home from off-road excursions. The Trailmax Raid builds on the success of the Trailmax Meridian, launched in 2020, and is meant for much more regular off-road use. More specifically, it's a 50/50 trail-road tire, and is best suited for today's crop of adventure-enduro machines such as the Aprilia Tuareg 660 and Yamaha T7

Dunlop offers the Trailmax Raid in three front wheel sizes for 19-inch and 21-inch front wheels. Meawhile, for the rear, Dunlop offers it in six sizes for 17-inch and 18-inch rear wheels. As for on-road performance, Dunlop claims that the Trailmax Raid offers excellent wet surface grip, maximizing traction for cornering and braking. Having said all that, the Trailmax Raid is the culmination of Dunlop's expertise in touring, adventure, and off-road technoology. As such, riders can expect a lot of versatility from this primarily off-road focused set of tires. 

The Dunlop Trailmax Raid adds to the company's already impressive selection of adventure-focused tires, and gives riders the ability to get the most out of their adventure-enduro machines. The new Trailmax Raid is set to arrive on the market by March 1, 2023, with the rest of the sizes set to become available by the second quarter of 2023. 

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