Part of the thrill that accompanies adventure riding is going beyond the confines of asphalt and into more inhospitable terrain. Naturally, getting off the beaten path entails a certain level of risk. Not only is the terrain more grueling and the likelihood of a crash or drop much greater, you also have the tendency to be far out in the wilderness. This means that should anything go wrong, you're pretty much stranded.  

This is precisely why, when it comes to adventure bikes, there are aftermarket protectors for just about any part of the bike. Now, whether or not you actually need these parts is dependent on how far you're willing to go with the whole adventure thing. One thing's for sure, though, they make your bike look a lot more rugged and aggressive. For some people, the latter point is enough to get them to buy these trinkets. 

Wunderlich Offers Brake Reservoir Protectors For Harley Pan America

One of the most popular aftermarket brands in the world of ADV is definitely Wunderlich. The brand started out making aftermarket accessories strictly for BMW machines. This time, however, with the introduction of popular ADV machines from different manufacturers, Wundelich has expanded its portfolio. For example, one of its newest offerings is a brake reservoir protector for the Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250. 

Naturally, your brakes, especially your front ones, are very important when riding both on and off-road. A drop at an odd angle can easily smash your brake reservoir, causing fluid to leak out and render your brakes useless. Wunderlich hopes to prevent this with its newest product. It's made out of two-millimeter-thick aluminum, encasing the reservoir in a cage. Furthermore, Wunderlich designed the protector to keep the fluid levels visible for easy checking and maintenance. 

Apart from keeping your brake reservoir safe in the event of a tumble, the protector also doubles as a deterrent for thieves and vandals looking to get their hands on this rather exposed part of the bike. Because of the flap that extends atop the reservoir, the guard has to be removed prior to accessing the brake fluid. 

As for pricing and availability, the brake reservoir protector for the Harley-Davidson Pan America has been priced at 40.91 Euros, which translates to about $43.84 USD. For more info on Wunderlich's products, as well as the entire collection for the Harley Pan America, be sure to check out their official website in the link below.  

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