German motorcycle accessory maker and BMW accessory specialist, Wunderlich, has come up with yet another product that offers some protection and added style, a tail fairing. 

For BMW enthusiasts, and apparently Harley-Davidson Pan America owners, Wunderlich is one of the go-to brands that consistently offer high-quality and long-lasting accessories. From motorcycle luggage to dress-up bits, all the way to protection parts, you might spend hours combing their website for your next purchase, or lose a ton of money on mods for your two-wheeled toy. 

Either way, be prepared for this next product from the brand, but before you drop some of your hard-earned cash, read a little more about it first. 

The product’s compatibility is limited to the R 1250 GS and its bigger brother the R 1250 GS Adventure. The fairing is molded perfectly to fit either model’s tail section, offering a bit of protection from scratches, and adding a little flair to the rear section of the adventure bike. Personally, I think that the tail section of all the GS bikes looks a little thin, so this mod would be one of the things that I would get should I ever end up with an R 1250 GS (a little far into the future, but whatever). 

Gallery: Wunderlich Tail Fairing - BMW R 1250 GS and GS Adventure

As for the other details of this product, Wunderlich lists that it is a standalone piece and will require no other purchases to make work on your GS or GS Adventure. It’s a bolt-on part, so you won’t have to worry about any cutting or fabrication to install it. 

The part is made from ABS plastic, and injection molded to achieve a precise shape. Following that, it’s also unpainted, so more detail-oriented owners can make it seem like it was always part of the bike with a nice coat of paint. As for the thickness of the piece, Wunderlich states that the component is 3 millimeters wide. 

Prices listed on the website are at €59.90 EUR, or about $65 USD. 

What you get for your purchase is the product itself, which is made in Europe, all the mounting hardware, a 60-day right to test and return, and a five-year warranty honored by Wunderlich. 

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