When cold weather hits, it’s not uncommon to see all sorts of gadgetry and accessories on motorcycles to help riders cope with unfavorable weather conditions. Wunderlich, ever present in the space of BMW Motorrad accessories, has a bit of a blanket solution for riders on the new CE 04, a leg cover. 

Yep, it looks like a blanket. The leg protector for the BMW CE 04 looks very functional. Fitted for the model, and made for daily commuting, the CE 04 Leg Protector helps riders stay comfortable and on the road no matter what day of the year it is. 

Gear brands and other accessory makers will have a few universal kits in their catalog, which include stuff like hand guards, windshields, or even aftermarket heated grips, but it’s not often that you see something as form-fitted as this, especially for legs. If you’re not big on getting some winter-specific motorcycle gear, perhaps this is something that you can consider if you’re a proud owner of a new CE 04

Made out of waterproof PVC and padded to help it keep its shape while on the road, the leg cover is form-fitted for the CE 04, and is made to protect the rider from the bite of cold wind or a splash of water. Three straps secure this product onto the footboards of the scooter and an elastic waistband is also fitted to help seal off the rider’s legs, and it can also provide some added security for the driver, capable of being fixed onto the rider’s back. 

Gallery: Wunderlich BMW CE 04 Leg Protector

Now, you may be wondering, how will you put a foot down? Wunderlich, of course, knows this so there is a strategically priced opening that runs parallel to the footboards that allow for easy access to the ground. 

There is only one color of this product available, and Wunderlich’s online price is pinned at €319 EUR. Stay tuned for this product’s availability in mid-January 2023.

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