When most people hear ‘Harley-Davidson', they immediately envision a wayward traveler with their knees in the breeze. Straddling a big-bore V-twin, our nomadic friend howls down the Interstate with a rebellious spirit and a sense of adventure.

When the Motor Company’s first full-sized ADV, the Pan America 1250, comes into the conversation, that image completely transforms. Matching multi-seasonal jackets and trousers, off-road boots, and Hi-Viz accents all come to mind. This rolling stone packs his belonging in panniers instead of lashing them to a sissy bar. Our ADV rider opts for a full-face helmet, not a skull cap.

Despite all these differences, there’s one thing cruiser enthusiasts and adventure-touring riders share—a love of the open road. German aftermarket accessories brand Wunderlich knows this much and now offers fold-away highway pegs for the Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250 range.

Compatible with the base model and Special trim, the new touring-friendly pegs mount to all engine guards and crash protection with tubing measuring 25 mm in diameter. The sturdy aluminum units utilize an enclosed adapter to clamp onto the crash bars and easily fold away when not in use.

Slip-resistant rubber inserts not only preserve grip under all conditions but also help dampen vibrations over the long haul. When installed, the pegs allow users to stretch out their legs, maximizing comfort while minimizing pit stops. Wunderlich may have developed the accessory for the Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250, but the pegs also benefit from a universal fit.

For that reason, users can swap the highway pegs onto other adventure or cruiser models with 25mm engine guards. Wunderlich offers the add-on in a standard black and glossy finish. Retailing for €179.90 (~$193 USD), the highway pegs arrive as a cheap solution for mile-crushing Harley riders of all ilk.

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