Wunderlich is a popular German aftermarket manufacturer best known for its BMW-centric products. Given the introduction of new adventure bikes in recent years, Wunderlich has expanded its selection of aftermarket accessories to include models other than BMW’s machines. For instance, for the Harley-Davidson Pan America, Wunderlich has two windscreen options on offer.

Designed to both provide added wind protection, as well as give the bike a sportier aesthetic, Wunderlich’s Marathon and Flowjet windscreens blend in seamlessly to the Pan America’s rugged styling, while offering a lot of extra wind protection.

Wunderlich Introduces New Windscreen Options For The Harley-Davidson Pan America

Wunderlich Marathon windscreen for Harley-Davidson Pan America.

As the name suggests, the Wunderlich Marathon windscreen is designed for the long haul. Taking on a much taller shape than the stock windscreen, the Marathon provides long-distance touring comfort. More specifically, it provides relief from wind pressure on your head, shoulders, and upper body. Wunderlich also says that the windscreen reduces wind buffeting and turbulence, resulting in a quieter ride at motorway speeds.

Wunderlich Introduces New Windscreen Options For The Harley-Davidson Pan America

Wunderlich Flowjet windscreen for Harley-Davidson Pan America.

Meanwhile, for those who aren’t too bothered by the wind while riding at speed, Wunderlich also offers an aesthetic windscreen in the form of the Flowjet. Designed to give the bike a sportier, more imposing look, the Flowjet tidies up the front end of the Pan America with a short and aerodynamic shape. Furthermore, this sleek windscreen keeps the front wheel within the rider’s line of sight—particularly handy when riding off-road. The Flowjet mounts directly onto the stock windscreen mounts, and as such, is adjustable in the same way as the stock windscreen is.

When it comes to pricing and availability, the Wunderlich Marathon for the Harley-Davidson Pan America is readily available for 199.90 Euros (approximately $207 USD), exclusive of taxes and shipping. Meanwhile, the Flowjet is set to hit Wunderlich’s online shop by mid-December, 2022, and will carry a price tag of 79.90 Euros, which makes it about $83 USD.

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