Space comes at a premium on motorcycles, and avid adventurers, daily riders, and cross-country tourers can never have enough on the bike. This time around, Wunderlich has a new product for the BMW F 750 GS, F 850 GS and F 850 GS Adventure.

No, it’s not another set of panniers nor is it a top box, it’s actually a fairing system that affixes onto the rear subframe of the BMW bikes. The reason why it is considered a system is that it’s comprised of two pieces per side with one piece being the fairing itself, then the other piece is a Drybag that attaches to the system.

If you’re not using the bags, or if you find yourself packing light for a trip, then the back can simply be removed from the bike. The fairings are made from polypropylene, and the system is an all-in-one deal, so you don’t need to purchase things separately to be on your merry way. If you want to further expand your carrying capacity on your adventure bike, Wunderlich also has a cool bag that can also keep drinks cool while you ride. 

The bags themselves come with a two-liter capacity, and they’re handy for odds and ends like a tool kit, first aid kit, or other small items that can come in handy on a trip or long ride. Heck, you can even chuck your phone there or other electronics with little fear of it getting wet because the shell of the bags is made from Cordura 500 with a layer of TPU for water resistance. The bags also come with Loxx closures that are also water resistant.

Wunderlich BMW F 750 GS, F 850 GS, F 850 GS Adventure Fairing Side Bags

Given that the bags are mounted at the sides and towards the rear of the bike, they’re less likely to come into contact with debris, dirt, and rocks from the road.

You can order these parts for the two middleweight BMW Adventurers on Wunderlich’s website for the price of €239 EUR, or the equivalent of about $245 USD given today’s exchange rate.

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