For adventure riders, auxiliary lights are almost a mandatory upgrade, especially if you plan on doing any of your adventuring after dusk. There are indeed a number of brands available for all types of budgets. However, if you ride a top-tier ADV machine like the BMW R 1250 GS—be it for heading over to your local Starbucks in style, or actually taking it on longhaul adventures—chances are you want the very best the industry has to offer.

Indeed, if your steed of choice is this $18,000 USD machine, then chances are you’re familiar with Wunderlich. For decades, the German aftermarket company specializing in BMW has been outfitting Bavarian machines with top-tier aftermarket accessories. Now, Wunderlich has just released the new Microflooter 3.0 auxiliary lights specific to the BMW R 1250 GS. According to Wunderlich, the new Microflooter aux lights significantly improve safety and visibility at night thanks to their twin LED bulb construction, each light has an output of 8,000 lumens, and as such provide four times the intensity of conventional aux lights.

Wunderlich Presents Microflooter 3.0 Aux Lights For BMW R 1250 GS

Furthermore, Wunderlich has designed the Microflooter with reliability and dependability in mind. The same two-LED bulb setup allows for redundancy in the event one of the bulbs fails. Furthemore, the lights are equipped with fold-down guards that protect them from rocks and debris while out on the trails. The Microflooter 3.0 is also incredibly compact, making installation very clean and barely noticeable on the large adventure-tourer—perfect for those who want to retain a sleek and streamlined aesthetic.

Wunderlich says that the installation of the new Microflooter 3.0 is simple and straightforward. The lights are operated via a backlit switch fitted on the handlebar. Furthemore, the color of the lights are matched to that of the R 1250 GS’ stock headlight, effectively broadening the rider’s field of view at night. The protective headlight grille and housing are made out of black-anodized aluminum, while the mounting hardware and brackets are made out of black powder-coated stainless steel. Wunderlich is asking no less than 499 Euros ($521 USD) for its newest compact auxiliary lights.

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