The BMW R18’s getting yet another part in Wunderlich’s rich catalog. These are a set of footrests that have everything you need to make your cruise with the R18 even more relaxing. 

As far as the BMW R18 is concerned, it comes with standard mid-set footpegs that are decent for a long haul, but platform rests are a welcome upgrade for those that prefer an über-relaxed ride and a place to rest your feet. Apart from the Wunderlich footrests which bolt onto the boxer twin’s cylinder heads, this kit will replace your stock pegs with platforms, your shifter lever with a heel-toe unit, and your rear brake lever with a beefier and arguably, more stylish unit. 

Wunderlich Ergo-Comfort Footrests

Dubbed the “Ergo-Comfort Footpegs,” the peg section is a massive slab of aluminum that adds some style and bulk to the side of the cruiser. Designed to improve comfort, the footrest increases the surface area for you to put your feet on. The rests also come with rubber pads that dampen the vibrations that come from the 1,800cc air-cooled boxer twin and give a good amount of grip at the same time. These pads are also replaceable should they wear out. 

Wunderlich Ergo-Comfort Footrests

Then another interesting part of the Ergo-Comfort kit includes a heel-toe up and down shifter which allows the rider to simply step on the upper or lower lever to engage an upper or lower gear. 

You can expect top-notch build quality from Wunderlich. The kit can be chromed to match the rest of the shine emanating from the R18, or it can be blacked out if you wish to dechrome your cruiser. 

Wunderlich Ergo-Comfort Footrests

In the kit, you can expect a full set of mounting hardware for the bike, and you can get this kit for €399 EUR, or about $400 USD given today’s exchange rates. If you’re not sold on these huge footrests, then Wunderlich also has smaller options in their “Ergo-Comfort” lineup of products. 

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