Whether you tend to ride in warmer climates or stick to the trail, lower windscreens promote additional airflow through your motorcycle’s cockpit. Tall shields commonly rely on height and width to displace air around the rider, suiting them for long-distance travel. Such touring-friendly accommodations aren’t necessary for all journeys, however, and Wunderlich has a viable solution for trail-sticking BMW R 1250 GS riders.

The German gearmaker presents the Flowjet windscreen as an alternative to BMW’s OE unit. Constructed from durable ABS plastic, the low-profile, scratch-resistant shield measures 328mm (12.9 inches) in height and 314mm (12.4 inches) in width. While the Flowjet’s smaller footprint amplifies ventilation and minimizes turbulence, users can still alter the screen’s height with the R 1250 GS’s stock adjuster.

Thanks to the unit’s minimal visibility obstruction, Wunderlich adorns the windscreen in classic BMW paint schemes. Customers can choose between the 40 Years Edition, HP Edition, Limited Edition, and Trophy Edition liveries. Wunderlich even gets creative with its own Track option, including white/blue/red, black/white/gray, black/red/gray, and black/yellow/gray color combinations.

To further match the new Flowjet windscreen, the German accessories specialist also offers color-coordinated side panels. However, the frame trim only comes in 40 Years Edition, HP Edition, and Limited Edition options, so Trophy Edition owners will need to hold on to their stock bodywork. Similarly, the side panels only come in the black/red/gray and black/yellow/gray Track variants.

Unlike the Flowjet’s construction, Wunderlich makes the frame trim from thermoplastic plastic, but the panels should hold up to abuse thanks to the 3mm thickness. The BMW R 1250 GS frame trim retails for €189.90 (~$205 USD), while the Flowjet windscreen carries a €119.90 (~$130 USD) price tag. Wunderlich produces both accessories in Germany and offers a five-year warranty to all customers.

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