Do you have kids in your life between the ages of five and 12, who are starting to get interested in motorcycles? If that’s you, then you may want to know that Beta Motorcycles just introduced its 2023 MiniTrials electric bike lineup. From the smaller MiniTrials Electric 16-Inch bike to the MiniTrials Electric 20-Inch bike, both machines are lightweight and offer accessible power to kids in a non-intimidating, encouraging way so they can start to get into trials riding. 

The MiniTrials Electric 16-inch bike is aimed squarely at riders from ages five to nine. The power on offer is smooth, and comes in three different modes: Slow, Medium, and Fast. It was developed to offer neither the hesitation nor the gaps in power application that can discourage someone who’s just starting to get the hang of riding. Seat height is 19.3 inches, total bike weight is 54 pounds, and estimated run time on a single charge ranges from 1.5 hours in Fast mode to two hours in Slow mode. 

Meanwhile, the slightly larger MiniTrials Electric 12-inch bike is aimed at kids from eight to 12 years old. Like the 16-inch version, it features three power modes with consistent, smooth power application. Seat height is 21.6 inches, total bike weight is 56 pounds, and the estimated run time remains the same: 1.5 hours in Fast mode and two hours in slow mode. Obviously, your actual mileage may vary, as with all electric bikes. 

Beta MiniTrials 16 Inch

Both of the Beta MiniTrials machines feature frames that are construced from hardened aluminum, to offer the rigidity and stability riders want, but keep the weight low and easy for young riders to get used to maneuvering. These bikes also feature a programmable digital switchboard, adjustable suspension, Shimano hydraulic brakes, front brake and chain guards for added safety, and even a chain guide to give extra protection against the possibility of failure when riding off road.  

The Beta MiniTrials Electric 16-inch bike will have an MSRP of $2,299, while the MiniTrials Electric 12-Inch bike will carry an MSRP of $2,499 in the U.S. market. Both bikes will also incur a destination charge of $189. Both bikes come with a 12-month limited warranty, and should be available beginning in March, 2023.  

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