KTM recently released the SX-E 3 to let kids start their two-wheeled journey on a solid platform developed by one of the most successful manufacturers in the off-road scene. More recently, GASGAS, a company under the same umbrella as KTM also released a new offering for youngsters looking to get started off-road in the form of the MC-E 3.

GASGAS Introduces The MC-E 3 Electric Dirt Bike For Youngsters

Similar to the SX-E 3, the MC-E 3 is a motocross-style machine for kids, and serves as the middle ground between balance bikes and the more intermediate MC-E 5. It’s ridden in the same way a standard electric motorcycle would be ridden, but dialed down in power, so the youngsters can easily and safely get a grasp of basic motorcycle controls. Furthermore, it features multiple ride modes and an adjustable seat allowing you to tailor fit the bike to your kid’s skill level and preferences. GASGAS describes it as a “real motorcycle for the next wave of mini shredders,” and is perfect for building your kid’s skills while having an awesome time.

The 3.8 kW motor of the GASGAS MC-E 3 is powerful, smooth, and positioned low in the frame for a low center of gravity. As a result, youngsters can continue hitting the trails or setting laps on the track without becoming too exhausted, allowing them to concentrate on technique and, of course, have fun. Even better, according to GASGAS, the motor requires no maintenance and is water- and dust-resistant. Last but not least, the motor has six variable ride modes that make it easy to adjust the power output to any rider's skill level.

GASGAS Introduces The MC-E 3 Electric Dirt Bike For Youngsters

As for the battery, the GASGAS MC-E 3 is fitted with a compact battery pack designed specifically for dirt bikes, so you won’t have to worry about it getting dirty. GASGAS claims a run time of up to two hours—which is more than enough to have an awesome time off-road. GASGAS also incorporates a slew of premium components to let kids have a taste of top-shelf performance, too. For instance, the MC-E 3 is outfitted with WP suspension, Neken handlebars, and Maxxis tires. In true GASGAS fashion, the MC-E 3 is bright red and adorned in graphics similar to that of GASGAS Factory Racing machines.

As of the moment, GASGAS has yet to announce the official pricing of the MC-E 3, however, it does say that it’ll go on sale at your local GASGAS dealers by October, 2023. More information on the technical specs can be found on the GASGAS official website linked in the sources below.

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