Did you grow up around bikes? Not all of us are that lucky—me certainly included. However, for those who do, it’s usually a pretty special feature of childhood. For many, those are the kind of memories that stay with you forever. Maybe you’ll love motorbikes your whole life, and go on to ride them forever, or maybe you won’t. 

If you’re lucky enough to be able to ride motorbikes with one or more of your parents—or maybe even siblings and cousins—those are the kind of memories that stay with you forever. That’s why watching this video of 44Teeth’s Alastair Fagan and his kid, Ezra, at the 2022 Apico 2-Stroke Festival, is so excellent to see. 

As an adult, it’s fun to see the excitement as your kid (or niece, or nephew, etc.) starts to gain new skills and understanding. If you’re doing an activity that you’ve been doing for a long time, it may not be as exciting to you anymore—but it’s all new for them, and that giddiness can totally rub off on you. 

Although Alastair did MX racing once upon a time, as he tells the story, he hadn’t gone out on a motocross bike in about six years before this event—and he totally felt it. Meanwhile, his kid does motocross regularly—so even though he’s only 11 years old, he’s not struggling as much to keep up because he’s getting tired.  

That kind of riding takes a beating on your body, as much fun as it is—and Alastair said he found himself losing a bunch of time after the first two laps because he didn’t have the bike fitness banked like his son does. Arm pump, he said, was particularly a problem. 

The kid had an off that resulted in a medical check at one point—and rendered the bike unsafe to ride for the final race he’d signed up for, unfortunately. However, the good news is that all he needed was an ice pack on his bruised leg—nothing too serious or scary, even though he said he went over the handlebars after clipping a post along the course. (That’s what good gear is for!) 

All in all, the two seemed to have had a great time—and plan to go back next year, maybe even with the little brother in tow as well. What could be more fun than father and son MX racing? Father and SONS MX racing! 

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