Honda hasn’t hesitated to reach into its old bag of tricks as of late. Big Red recently resurrected the Transalp nameplate and repurposed two model monikers for the 2023 CB750 Hornet. Let’s not forget the Hawk 11 planned to hit the Japanese market as well.

That nostalgic nature isn’t exclusive to Honda either. Digital designer Oberdan Bezzi regularly gives in to such retro musings as well. This time around, the artist takes us back to the time of hair bands, padded shoulders, and acid-wash jeans with the Honda Silverwing 1100 concept.

Not to be confused with the Silver Wing scooter introduced by Honda in 2001, the Silverwing 1100 builds a tourer atop the Rebel 1100’s foundations. That includes an SOHC, 1,083cc parallel-twin engine responsible for 86 horsepower and 72 lb-ft of torque. Seemingly, everything from the steel diamond frame to the exhaust system to the piggyback rear shocks remain the same.

The Silverwing clearly departs from the full-sized cruiser when it comes down to the bodywork, though. A new subframe raises the blocky, ‘80s-inspired ear end, while a dual-seat configuration promotes long-distance travels. New side panels flaunt a Silverwing badge and Bezzi reshapes the fuel tank to resemble the iconic GL1100. The second-generation Gold Wing also influenced the era-accurate front fairing.

Bezzi completes the transformation with a set of pull-pack, high-rise, buckhorn handlebars, and a period-inspired navy-blue paint job. Even the tall windscreen, pinstriping, and clunky taillight harken back to GL1100s.

As a clever play on the Gold Wing name, the digital artist deems his smaller grand-tourer as the Silverwing. However, integrating such a model into Honda’s real-world lineup could pose potential issues.

Team Red just launched the 2023 CMX1100T at EICMA 2022, a model that would undoubtedly cannibalize the Silverwing 1100 in the U.S. market. Nevertheless, Oberdan Bezzi’s vision of another Honda comeback hits all the hallmarks of the Gold Wing's golden years. We may never see a Silverwing hit the road, but as always, Bezzi’s design makes a compelling case.

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