Moto Guzzi capped off its 100-year anniversary celebration by unveiling the 2022 V100 Mandello. While the model upheld Guzzi’s long-held transverse V-twin configuration, it introduced the first liquid-cooled engine to the Italian firm’s lineup. That modern-day mill already has enthusiasts looking at the Mandello Del Lario factory in a new light.

That includes digital designer Oberdan Bezzi, and the prolific artist recently released his V10 Concept, a roadster variant of the V100 Mandello. Bezzi starts by stripping back the sport-tourer's front fairing. He then replaces the original headlamp cluster with a single round headlight unit. To maintain the V10 Concept’s neo-retro aesthetic, a new round speedometer takes the place of the V100’s TFT dash.

The designer matches that nostalgic front end with a vintage-inspired gas tank with knee cutouts. The V100 Mandello’s side panels survive almost entirely intact, but Bezzi re-sculpts the tail unit to align with the V10’s classic silhouette. A throwback rear mudguard only amps up that profile. Bezzi takes similar measures by ditching the Mandello’s cast wheels for a wire-spoke wheelset. He even simplifies the end can to streamline the exhaust system.

Aside from changing the cylinder cover colors, the liquid-cooled, DOHC, eight-valve, 1,042cc engine comes to the V10 Concept unchanged. We trust that Bezzi’s design also retains the V-twin's 115 horsepower and 77.4 lb-ft of torque. In turn, the V10 also holds onto the Mandello’s radiator, shaft drive, and port-mounted monoshock.

In a silver, black, and red livery, Bezzi’s concept leans into a vintage racing design. The red racing stripes, classic Moto Guzzi logo, and eagle tank emblem all uphold the neo-retro motif. A V10 Special graphic on the side panel only adds a cherry on top. Moto Guzzi may be moving full speed ahead toward its second centennial, but Oberdan Bezzi wants to make sure the brand’s retro roadster roots don’t go forgotten.

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