Known for recreating, or conceptualizing what could be possible with motorcycles, Oberdan Bezzi is at it again but this time he tackled a rather interesting concept centered around Moto Guzzi’s new V100 Mandello.

The V100 Mandello launched back in 2021 as part of the brand’s 100th-year anniversary, the events of which are being celebrated in 2022 due to the COVID-19 restrictions at the time.

Dubbed the Moto Guzzi V100 California, Bezzi’s recreation ditches the front fairing and redesigns the mid section in favor of a more classic look. There is definitely a V9 headlight in the render, which isn’t a bad thing because it just works.

The low-slung look and the round headlight bring it closer to the style of a cruiser. Bezzi also relocated the footpegs and gave the bike a taller set of handlebars, at least in comparison to the V100 in its stock form. Of course, to achieve the classic look the front fairing had to go and it was replaced by a round headlight along with a set of classic-style indicators. On top of that, the tank was swapped out for a more cruiser-like piece, and the tail section of the bike has gone the retro route as well. Even the pipe was changed out to fit a more old-school aesthetic.

Oberdan Bezzi Moto Guzzi V100 California
Oberdan Bezzi Moto Guzzi V100 California

While all of the changes to the V100 seem like easy pickings at any local custom shop, the render calls into question what’s next for the V100 platform after the sport-tourer model gets its fill in the market? Will Guzzi further expand its lineup with more V100-based bikes?

With a displacement of 1,042ccs, the 90-degree V-twin produces 115 horsepower and a whopping 77.4 pound-feet of torque. Its chassis is also tailored for touring, but low-slung to feel nimble and planted on the ground, but who is to say that Guzzi won’t turn it into something of a cafe racer?

If anything, it might make sense for Moto Guzzi to take its newest platform and bring it to its other models. The reason why the render is called “California” is that Guzzi has a touring-centric model called the California, which comes in a 1400cc engine size. The likes of Harley-Davidson have seen some merit in a compact and modern cruiser like the Nightster, so perhaps Guzzi could do the same? Just a thought.

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