Moto Guzzi spent most of 2021 recognizing the brand’s 100-year anniversary. From the 2021 Centennial Livery models to a full retrospective review to a 100th-anniversary book, Guzzi left no stone unturned during its year-long celebration.

With the unveiling of the V100 Mandello sport-tourer, Casa de Mandello Del Lario signaled its shift to focusing on its next 100 years. After months of anticipation, Moto Guzzi is finally giving us the full details behind its most advanced model yet.

As expected, the 2022 V100 Mandello features a liter-size transverse V-twin engine. The liquid-cooled, DOHC, eight-valve, 1,042cc engine produces 115 horsepower and 77.4 lb-ft of torque. The brand-new powerplant is just more powerful than any mill in Moto Guzzi’s current lineup, but the compact block design makes it 4 inches shorter than the V85 TT’s small-block engine.

Gallery: 2022 Moto Guzzi V100 Mandello

The peppy V-twin sits in a steel tube frame that connects to an aluminum single-sided swingarm. With a 58.5-inch wheelbase, the chassis remains stable on the highway while taking on a sporty character in the canyons. The favorable wheelbase isn’t solely responsible for the V100’s adaptability, however. The Öhlins Smart EC 2.0 semi-active suspension automatically adjust to the user’s riding style, delivering the utmost performance in all conditions.

Along with the advanced suspension system, the Mandello boasts a Marelli 11MP ECU and six-axis IMU that governs the sport-tourers cornering ABS and four ride modes (Travel, Sport, Rain and Road). Each mode dials the multi-level traction control, engine brake, semi-active suspension, and engine map to suit the current conditions. Riders can adjust the settings via the 5-inch TFT display.

Guzzi goes one step further with the V100’s technology by adopting the first adaptive aerodynamics system. Depending on the speed and ride mode, the system automatically adjusts the tank-mounted wind deflectors to provide extra protection and maximize comfort. The firm claim’s that the adaptive aerodynamics deliver up to 22-percent more wind deflection, only making the comfortable cockpit more suited to the open road.

Moto Guzzi hasn’t released the 2022 V100 Mandello’s pricing or availability just yet, but the brand has revealed that the new model will come in two variants. Customers can expect the up-spec trim to come with Öhlins semi-active suspension, a quick shift, heated grips, and Moto Guzzi’s MIA multimedia platform.

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