[UPDATE April 18, 2023: While the initial Zero Motorcycles Go Electric program deadline expired at the end of March, the California-based electric motorcycle company is offering an expanded version beginning today, April 18, and running through May 31, 2023.  

The updated Zero Go Electric incentive program is expanded by more than just its applicable date range, as well. Savings increase to up to $4,500 on the purchase of a new Zero motorcycle, or the possibility of a $0 down, zero-percent interest financing offer for a period of up to 60 months through FreedomRoad Financial, which is Zero’s official financing partner.

These offers extend to new 2022 and 2023 Zero Motorcycles models, with rebate pricing differing by both year and model. See the image directly below for a price list under this updated Go Electric incentive program.] 

Zero Motorcycles Go Electric Incentive April 2023

Original piece follows. 

Right now, it’s the end of January, 2023. If you live in the U.S., and you’ve been contemplating getting yourself a new electric motorcycle, then Zero has some news you’ll be interested to know. Unfortunately, there is currently no federal electric vehicle tax incentive that applies to the purchase of motorcycles in the U.S. at the moment, although such things have existed in the past. 

According to Zero, that’s exactly why it’s now offering its own program, which it’s calling the Go Electric Incentive. From now through March 31, 2023, qualifying 2022 model year bikes have two separate incentive programs going on through Zero that buyers can combine. That means buyers can save up to $4,250 off the cost of a new Zero, depending on which bike you buy—which is definitely no small thing in 2023.

How does it work? At participating Zero Motorcycles dealers only, the Go Electric Incentive program offers the following incentives on MY22 showroom and demo models: 

Bike Go Electric Incentive
2022 Zero SR/S  $3,000 
2022 Zero SR/F $3,000 
2022 Zero SR  $2,000 
2022 Zero DSR  $2,000 
2022 Zero S and DS  $1,250 
2022 Zero FX 7.2 kilowatt  $1,250 
2022 Zero FXE $1,250

On top of that, Zero is also offering a Dealer Demo Cash Promotion for 2022 Zero Motorcycles Demo Units. This program has an expiration date of March 31, 2022, while the Go Electric Incentive simply notes more nebulously that it “won’t stay around for long.” 

Bike Dealer Demo Cash Promotion
2022 Zero SR/S  $1,250
2022 Zero SR/F  $1,250 
2022 Zero SR  $1,000 
2022 Zero DSR $1,000 
2022 Zero S and DS  $750
2022 Zero FX 7.2 kW  $750 
2022 Zero FXE $750

On top of these two time-limited incentive programs offered by Zero, the California-based electric motorcycle manufacturer also offers additional discounts for qualifying First Responders, riding school instructors, members of the military, and recently-graduated student riders. Be sure to check the link in our Sources for more details on any and all of these programs if you’re interested. 

In addition to the incentives that Zero is currently offering, some states across the U.S. are also offering additional tax credits for EV purchases, and have included electric motorcycles in their programs. Arizona, California, Illinois, New Hampshire, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Vermont, and Wyoming all currently offer some form of rebate, decal fee exemption, or reduced vehicle license tax for your new electric motorcycle. We’ll include a link to more information about those programs in our Sources, as well. If you live in one of those states, you’ll definitely want to check it out. 

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