On October 17, 2022, adventure riding nonprofit organization Backcountry Discovery Routes and Zero Motorcycles officially announced a new multi-year partnership. As you may already be aware, the BDR is all about exploration of some of the amazing natural places that the U.S. has to offer.

Of course, riders who travel out in nature are usually also interested in preserving that nature. This partnership is aimed at doing just that—dedicated to exploration and wonder, but also keeping natural spaces intact for future generations. 

Other important goals of this alliance include raising awareness of charging stations along existing BDR routes—a thing you can already see if you go to the BDR website today. Look at a map of any existing BDR route on their website, and you’ll see it populated with the locations of EV charging stations that are already located along the route. Since range is a major concern for EV owners—and especially if you’re going off the beaten track—this is a particularly valuable feature for riders. 

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Going forward, the partnership aims to also increase the number of charging stations that are available along future BDR routes, as well as existing ones. To test real-world capability, BDR route planners wil be taking Zero DSR/Xs on their trips as they create the upcoming Northern California BDR (CABDR-North) and Black Hills South Dakota BDR-X routes in the next two years. 

“We are excited to partner with Zero Motorcycles to help launch this new dimension to the adventure riding experience, and increase awareness of and access to EV charging infrastructure along outdoor recreation routes across the U.S.,” BDR Executive Director Inna Thorn said in a statement. 

“The reality, as futuristic as it may seem, of electric powered adventure motorcycles is now.  Being at the forefront of the EV movement along with Zero Motorcycles presents major opportunities for the BDR and our community to help create an eco-system where EV ADV becomes the norm,” she added. 

“As I threw my leg over the Zero DSR/X, I realized that the ground beneath me was off camber and the bike was leaning far to the left.  I immediately worried that it would be difficult to level the bike, but it was effortless.  A simple twist of the throttle (no clutch, no shifting) and I was off, quietly headed down a dusty California forest road,” CABDR-North and South architect and BDR board member Ron West said. 

“Void of noise and vibration, I felt my entire body immediately relax even as my speed increased, and its massive torque propelled me to the crest of a formidable hill.  The DSR/X feels very planted, and it eases into corners inspiring confidence. The smooth and effortless ride must be experienced to be appreciated – it’s a magic carpet ride,” West observed. 

For all kinds of reasons—from natural appreciation to sustainability to bringing adventure tourism dollars into local economies, the duo anticipates this to be a partnership from which everyone can benefit. You can keep up with future BDR and Zero developments by checking the link in our Sources, where the team plan to post future updates. 

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