If you’re interested in electric motorcycles and/or technology, it’s an interesting time to be alive. The technology, most people can agree, has gotten better—but it’s still not at parity with the ease and convenience of combustion-powered machines as of the end of September, 2022. (By the way, that’s by no means a knock on electric bikes, or anyone who loves them—it's just that evolution of any new technology takes time.) 

The important thing to keep in mind about any specific niche of motorcycling is, it has certain quirks—and either you love them/put up with them, or you don’t. Electric bikes may be younger as a category, but they’re the same way. Right now, riders attracted to them primarily want a different challenge from what they may have adapted to with previous petrol-powered bikes that they’ve owned. Variety is the spice of life, et cetera. 

That’s certainly one of the reasons why YouTuber Marc Travels decided to buy a used 2019 Zero SR/F and set out to ride all the way around the world in 2022. He’s based in Berlin, Germany, and he has an active YouTube channel where he regularly posts moto travel videos on a number of bikes—but this is the first time he’s attempted a journey like this. Perhaps not surprisingly, he found Ewan and Charley’s adventures with their LiveWires extremely inspiring—and said to himself that one day, he’d do something similar. 

Now, in the back half of 2022, it seems that ‘one day’ has finally arrived. This is the first video in Marc’s current series, where he’s just starting his round-the-world SR/F mission. The battery equipped is the 14.4 standard unit, along with a 6-kilowatt quick charger. As with his previous journeys, he’s collecting each video in a single playlist so you can follow along if you’re interested.  

The most important point he wants to make is that any bike can be an adventure bike—you just have to be able to go and find adventures on it. In this case, the challenges will be a little different than on a combustion-powered bike. In some cases, he’s almost certainly going to have to charge slowly and stay parked in one place for several hours, simply because there’s no other supply available. 

It’s worth noting here that he hasn’t given a timeline for how long he intends to take to complete this journey—probably because he’s a full-time YouTuber. Therefore, as long as he can keep producing his content while he’s on the road, he’s uniquely well-positioned to have a trip like this take exactly as long as it takes to complete successfully. No matter what happens, he’ll have some amazing stories to share with the rest of us.  

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