In recent years, Zero Motorcycles has overhauled their lineup with premium models. The company introduced the SR/F in 2019, followed by the SR/S in 2020. Then, in July of 2021, it launched the FXE. Less than four months later, Zero is back with even bigger news, unveiling a range of larger batteries, a revised user interface and app, and an expanded SR family.

The SR/F and SR/S models remain at the top of the range, featuring Zero’s 14.4 kWh battery and Z-Force 75-10 AC motor. Together, they produce 140 ft-lb of torque, 110 horsepower, and a 124-mph top speed. In premium trim, the power figures remain the same, but the larger 15.6 kWh battery increase range from 156 miles in the city to 169 miles and 77 highway miles to 84 miles. The premium-spec 6 kW integrated charger gets the SR/F and SR/S to full juice in 2.7 hours while the standard 3W unit takes 4.5 hours.


While the hardware upgrades certainly make a difference, Zero’s new Cypher III+ operating system allows users to unlock even more performance. Equipped with the extended 17.3 kWh Cypher range upgrade, the flagship electrics reach 187 miles in urban environments and 93 miles on the open road. Add Zero’s Power Tank (20.9 kWh) to the mix and the range increases to 227 city miles and 113 highway miles. Users can even upgrade the premium 6W charger to a 7W unit for a 2.4-hour charge time.

With the SR/F and SR/S gaining Zero’s latest tech, the SR enters the range as the new base model. Boasting the same 14.4 kWh battery and Z-Force 75-10 motor, the SR still achieves the same range as the standard SR/F and SR/S variants. However, Zero reduces toque to 122 lb-ft, top speed to 104, and power output to 74 horsepower.


Of course, the 2022 SR plays into the firm's new pay-to-play marketplace where owners can increase performance metrics anywhere between 15-50 percent. Users can also purchase up to 20 percent more battery range and faster charging rates. If buyers choose to go the upgrade route, they can unlock performance that’s on par with the 2022 SR/F and SR/S. The Cypher upgrades will become available in Spring 2022, and 2020 and 2021 SR/F and SR/S owners can also access the new marketplace.

At $17,995, the 2022 Zero SR serves as an accessible entry point to the premium lineup. Meanwhile, the 2022 SR/F in standard form costs $19,495 and the premium option carries a $21,495 price tag. The 2022 Zero SR/S comes in at $19,995 in standard trim and retails for $21,995 in premium guise.

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