Zero Motorcycles are relatively new to the industry, but the brand’s products are already making waves on the scene. Posted in the Zero Motorcycles Owners Facebook Group, a gentleman took his SR/F Electric bike from coast to coast, setting a record time of 112.5 hours. 

Scott Harkless owns a 2020 model year SR/F. He started from Jacksonville Beach to Oceanside beach to the north of San Diego. The total time it took to get from the West to the East Coast of the United States, again, took a grand total of 112.5 hours, or four and a half days. What’s even more impressive is that the trip cost him about one penny per mile, at least according to the post on Facebook. That brings his grand total travel expense to just $25.44 USD, barring all other expenses, of course. 

The bike itself wasn’t totally stock prior to and during the trip. Harkless installed a charge tank with a custom self-build Dual J plug option. Other than most of the other stock specifications of the SR/F remain, with the Z-Force 75-10 electric motor that’s capable of 110 horsepower and 140 pound-feet of torque. 

Zero SR

To think the Harkless was able to achieve this feat with AC charging. According to the claims of Zero, it will bring the bike up to a hundred percent charge in about 4.5 hours. Harkless also replied to a commenter stating that the “12 kilowatts of AC charging was more than enough to get the job done.” However, there is room for improvement and Harkless expressed that he is “kinda anxious to try again and see if [he] can knock 10-15 hours off the trip by planning better routes/stops based on what [he] learned from this experience.” 

I’m looking forward to the next attempt at shaving down the coast-to-coast run the next time around. Though, I’d definitely give myself time to recuperate after such a long journey. Hopefully, there’s another attempt again sometime soon for Mr. Harkless. 

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