A few weeks after releasing the first teaser hinting at the introduction of a new model, Zero Motorcycles officially introduces its first fully-faired sportbike, the SR/S. The bike was initially scheduled to debut on February 24, 2020, but the regrettable leak of its introduction video seemingly compelled Zero to launch sooner rather than later.

As we suspected, Zero is taking the sport-touring road with the SR/S. The new bike offers a more relaxed riding position than the sportier SR/F thanks to the taller handlebar, lower footpegs, and the addition of a  windscreen. The seat height is the same as the SR/F at 31 inches and its weight is roughly the same at 505 pounds for the Standard model and 516 pounds for the Premium version. 

The revised geometry should provide a more comfortable experience in the saddle, especially during prolonged rides. After all, Zero claims the fairing’s aerodynamics should increase its highway range by 13 percent—provided the rider leans in behind the screen. Passenger comfort has also been improved with a larger pillion seat and lower rear footpegs. 

Gallery: New Zero SR/S

The SR/S uses the same powertrain as its naked counterpart; the ZF75-10 electric motor with the ZF14.4kWh lithium-ion battery. Both the Standard and Premium versions are expected to offer 161 miles of city range (109 miles combined, 82 miles on the highway) which can be increased to 201 miles (136 miles combined, 103 miles on the highway) by adding a Power Tank. The power figures are also the same as the SR/F at 110 horsepower, 140 lb-ft of torque, and a top speed of 124 mph. 

Charging time to reach 95-percent of the battery’s capacity varies between one hour with the 6kWh fast charger and four hours on the entry-level model equipped with the basic 3 kWh charger. Those are slightly faster charging times than the ones advertised for the SR/F which means Zero has seemingly improved the technology but there’s still no DC fast-charger option.

The SR/S features Bosch' stability control technology, cornering ABS, and 14 ridings modes (Rain, Sport, Eco, Street, and 10 customizable settings). Using Zero’s Cypher III operating system, owners will be able to pair their smartphone with the bike's computer and monitor its status and location.

The new Zero SR/S Standard starts at $19,995 while the Premium that comes standard with the 6 kWh charger, heated grips, and aluminum bar ends starts at $21,995—a $500 premium over the SR/F for both comparable versions. The optional Power Tank will add $2,895 to your bill. The SR/S ship to dealers on February 19, 2020, and will soon be up for grabs while the optional Power Tank will be available starting March 1.

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