Motorcycle gear and equipment specialist Alpinestars has been a pioneer in the business pretty much since it entered the market in 1963. Since then, the Italian company has protected a whole host of riders, ranging from world-famous racers to grassroots track day aficionados. Born on the racing circuit, Alpinestars adapts it technology to benefit road riders, too, and this is the case with its newest Nucleon Flex Pro vest. 

When it comes to torso protection, vests fall in between a fully fledged riding jacket and not wearing any protective gear at all. Typically ideal as a base layer to be worn underneath thermal clothing, vests make it easy to conceal your riding gear, too. Something that's handy for fashion-conscious neo-retro riders. Nevertheless, Alpinestars' new Nucleon Flex Pro Body Armor vest looks to bring the safety associated with riding vests to the next level. 

Alpinestars Introduces The New Nucleon Flex Pro Body Armor Vest

While most PPE class A riding jackets will come equipped with a spine protector, the Alpinestars Nucleon Flex vest is equipped with a host of protectors designed to keep your entire torso safe and secure. It includes the standard back protection, as well as shock-proof inserts on the chest and ribs.

More interestingly, the vest features protective elements made out of flexible polymer materials, meaning they're comfy while at the same time excellent in absorbing impact and shock. The back protector features this material encased in a mesh housing, while the chest protector is a two-piece assembly concealed underneath the textile fabric.

On the outside, the Nucleon Flex Pro is made out of a stretchable textile fabric that offers excellent ventilation. It gets reinforced padded areas on the sides, and a long central zipper for easy wearing and removal. It also has an elastic waistband to ensure a snug fit. 

As for pricing and availability, the Nucleon Flex Pro commands quite a premium, as is the case with most Alipinestars products, at 189.95 Euros, or the equivalent of around $205 USD. It's offered in sizes ranging from XS all the way to XL, and comes in just one black colorway. 


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