Provided you have the right gear and plan your routes accordingly, touring on your motorcycle during winter can certainly be one of the most enjoyable things on two wheels. This is especially true nowadays, that manufacturers have developed gear that combines safety, comfort, and protection from the cold, without hindering range of motion and feel of the bikes controls.

Of course, brands like Alpinestars continue to lead innovation across all facets of motocycle gear, and the same is true for gear designed for use in winter. The Italian gear specialist has just released its newest offering, the AMT-10 Drystar XF winter gloves, and they're designed to keep you on your bike during these cold months. Additionally, these winter gloves are made for touring, so they protect the wearer from the elements while allowing for freedom of movement and, of course, in the unlikely case of an accident.

Diving into things in greater detail, Alpinestars has made use of goat leather panels for the main construction of the AMT-10 Drystar XF winter gloves. More specifically, this soft and supple, yet abrasion resistant leather can be fond on the palm to provide the best tactile feel possible.Along with synthetic textile inserts on the long cuff and a double tightening system with a Velcro strap at the wrist and an elastic at the end, it also receives softer accordion leather on top for improved range of motion.

In terms of the glove's internal components, the AM-10 has 133 grams of PrimaLoft Gold insulation and a waterproof, breathable Drystar XF laminated membrane. This maintains the glove's overall thin and lightweight shape while giving it its thermal and waterproof properties. A strengthened ARshield yoke, an over-injected protective shell, padding on the fingers, and a protective bridge between the little and ring fingers are all included in the protection department. Thus, the Alpinestars AMT-10 Drystar XF winter gloves have Level 1 KP CE certification.

In terms of pricing and availability, Alpinestars is asking for 149.95 Euros, or around $159 USD, for a pair of its newest AMT-10 Drystar XF winter gloves. It comes in two color versions consisting of black and gray, and in sizes ranging from S to 3XL. 

Alpinestars Keeps Your Toasty With The New AMT-10 Drystar XF Gloves
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