This winter season, motorcycle gear not only serves as garments to protect us in the unlikely event of a crash, but also to keep us warm and comfy, both on and off the bike. Luckily, styling trends in the gear world have been following those of street fashion, and so riding gear is nearly indistinguishable from everyday apparel.

Take for example, these new Indy motorcycle sneakers from French gear and equipment manufacturer Bering. Designed for the cold season, the Indy riding sneakers are both thermal and waterproof, and designed to keep the blood circulating nice and warm through your feet. From a styling perspective, they’re very simple and subtle, making them easy to mix and match with all sorts of riding gear. On the outside, they’re made out of a microfiber synthetic leather canvas, and have a high-top construction. Underneath the synthetic leather outer panels is a waterproof membrane to keep your feet dry in all weather conditions.

French Gear Maker Bering Introduces The Indy Motorcycle Sneaker
French Gear Maker Bering Introduces The Indy Motorcycle Sneaker

As for protective features, the Bering Indy motorcycle sneakers get all the essential protectors found in a motorcycle-approved pair of kicks. Reinforcements in the heel and toe protect you from slides and drops, while a reinforced sole dissipates the forces of transverse crushing. As a result, the Indy is certified PPE according to the EN13634:2017 standard. The Indy makes use of a standard lace-up closure, with the ends of the laces recommended to be tucked underneath the tongue to prevent getting caught on the bike’s controls.

As for availability and pricing, the Indy is offered in three colorways consisting of black, black with red accents, and black with white accents. Sizes range from 40 to 46, and it retails for 139.99 Euros, or around $148 USD. There’s also a womens’ specific version called the Lady Indy which shares all the same technical characteristics, and retails for the same price.

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