Out of all the motorcycle luggage options out there, nothing is really as versatile and easy to use as the good old backpack. As such, it really isn’t surprising that manufacturers of the most fancy and sophisticated luggage and equipment continue to offer the humble old backpack in their catalogs.

Sure, some of these motorcycle-specific backpacks can set you back a pretty penny, however, their usability has been optimized for the task at hand: to store and keep your things, and sometimes even you, safe in the event of a crash. A good example of this is the newest backpack from French gear and equipment maker Bering. It’s called the Slevin, and it features sober styling and no-frills functionality making it ideal for whatever ride you fancy. Finished in a black and gray colorway, the Slevin is made predominantly of textile, meaning its light and easy to carry around.

French Gear Maker Bering Introduces Slevin Motorcycle Backpack

Having said that, there are a few key elements that make the Bering Slevin a moto-specific backpack. For starters, the textile fabric used on the backpack isn’t just any old cloth. Bering has decided to make use of Fiber Tech 600D for the majority of the backpack’s construction, which is a durable, abrasion-resistant fabric also found on some motorcycle jackets. This means that, should you crash, or the backpack falls off while you’re riding for whatever reason, you don’t have to worry about all your stuff flying all over the place.

The Slevin is capable of storing a total of 24 liters of luggage, which is just right for the daily ride, or even the overnight camping trip out of town. It also comes with a bunch of compartments for you to better organize your stuff. There’s a laptop sleeve, a large back pocket, and a slightly smaller front pocket. Comfort is assured thanks to ergonomic shoulder straps which feature adjustable waist and chest straps for an even more secure fit. A padded back offers a tad of ventilation, but isn’t rated as a back protector, similar to what we find in more premium offerings.

As for pricing and availability, Bering’s no-frills Slevin backpack isn’t as feature-rich as offerings from the likes of Kriega, but it retails for a fraction of the cost at just 99.99 Euros, or just a hair over $100 USD. It’s available in just one black and gray color scheme, and comes with a removable orange rain cover.

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