If you’re looking for a new backpack or messenger bag that’s specifically meant to make your motorcycling life easier, Kriega just introduced some new options for Fall 2020 that may interest you. Two new adventure-oriented packs in two different carrying capacities, plus a giant expandable commuter backpack and a sleek messenger bag for your ride-to-work days have joined the lineup. 

For adventure and trail riders, the new Kriega Trail 18 Adventure and Trail 9 Adventure backpacks tell you some of what you want to know in their names. As you’ve probably guessed, the Trail 18 is the larger of the two, and features a main roll-top compartment offering 11 liters of waterproof storage (with an added small, internal 1-liter waterproof pocket tucked inside). An additional 7-liter compartment takes up the rear, and is compatible with hydration reservoirs that are sold separately. Meanwhile, the Trail 9 Adventure has a 4-liter waterproof main compartment, and a 5-liter rear zip compartment that fits an optional hydration reservoir.  

Both packs in the Trail Adventure line feature air-mesh back panels, YKK zips, 420D Cordura and Hypalon construction, reflective panels, removable waist straps, and 10 year guarantees from Kriega. As you’ve probably also noticed from the photos, they both come with Hypalon external mesh nets for additional carrying capacity. Besides resembling honeycombs in their design, they’re also useful for carrying wet gear or other things you don’t want to stick inside your bag.

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For work and school commuters, Kriega also introduced their Max28 Expandable Backpack and Sling Pro Messenger Bags. Both feature waterproof pockets inside that fit up to a 14-inch laptop, as well as plenty of additional pockets, removable waist straps, YKK zips, 420D Cordura, and Kriega’s 10 year guarantee. The Max28 pack can expand to fit 28 liters of stuff inside, so if you need to keep your helmet safely out of the way when you’re off the bike, you can fulfill your dreams of turtle-like stash space on your back.  

All four of these items are available directly from Kriega US or Kriega UK, and range in price from US $159 for the Sling Pro Messenger Bag up to $249 for the Max 28 Expandable Backpack. For more details or to buy any of these bags, visit Kriega’s website.  

Source: Kriega 

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