Bering is a French brand that specializes in jackets, gloves, pants, and more. Its latest product is a hoodie that features textile construction, class A protection, and Kevlar inserts for abrasion resistance.

For the casual rider who wants a jacket that'll protect and blend into the crowd, consider the Hoodiz 2. Paired with some casual riding boots and some riding jeans and boots to complete the look. Bering has a ton of other stuff that's worth checking out like the Mils Slim riding chinos that'll work nicely with the Hoodiz. 

There will be two versions of the Hoodiz 2 textile jacket. You can choose between the standard black colorway that’s otherwise plain or the black and red which features skull and crossbones graphics.

Even with all of its protective elements, the garment looks like a normal article of clothing. It’s surprising to note that Bering was able to fit in shoulder and arm protection, as well as accommodations for a back protector and even Kevlar inserts that give this piece of gear some slide resistance. There is even a little loop at the back of the waist so you can connect the jacket to your pants.

Bering Hoodiz 2
Bering Hoodiz 2

The jacket is rated according to the EN 17092 Class A standard and the armor pieces in the shoulders and elbows are rated CE Level 1. Feel free to buy CE Level 2 armor if you wish since the stock pads are removable. A back protector can be purchased separately.

As for its other features, you get two external pockets, a wallet pocket and an inside pocket, and a hood with a drawstring. To dial in the fit, there are internal cinches located at the wrist.

Bering Hoodiz 2

The size run for this jacket ranges from S to 4XL, and as previously mentioned you get to choose between plain black or black and red with that skull graphic. The price of this jacket comes in at €179.99 EUR, or about $183 USD, given current exchange rates.

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