Airbag technology continues to evolve at breakneck speeds. Race-derived systems by Alpinestars and Dainese benefit from MotoGP and Superbike World Championship (WSBK) development. However, tethered airbag vests and jackets cater to road-going riders with simpler technology and maintenance.

French gear maker Bering launched its Protect Air lineup in 2010. Despite headlining the brand’s airbag offerings for years, Bering recently ended sales of Protect Air apparel but continues to support current owners. The C-Protect Air series now succeeds the Protect Air collection with a unisex, cabled airbag vest.

Bering positions the new C-Protect Air unit as a top layer. The brand encourages users to wear the airbag over a dedicated motorcycle jacket, as the vest cut doesn’t protect the rider’s arms from impacts or abrasions.

Bering C-Protect Air - Hi-Viz

C-Protect Air prioritizes comfort for that reason. Composed of softshell material, the vest adapts to different jackets and body shapes. As a cabled-actuated airbag, the user needs to attach the ripcord to the motorcycle. For those that can’t find a suitable attachment point, Bering provides a strap and D-ring for customers to install under the bike’s seat.

Should the rider fall off the motorcycle in the event of a crash, the C-Protect Air inflates in just 0.1 seconds. After each deployment, customers can easily reinsert a new CO2 cartridge. However, the unit is only reusable if it hasn’t incurred serious damage.

The built-in trigger and integrated level 1 back pad increase the vest’s protective properties, but they also push the total weight up to 5.1 pounds. Bering tops off the airbag-equipped top layer with reflective inserts that help fellow motorists see the rider in low-lighting conditions.

The C-Protect Air comes in two sizes (S-L and XL-XXXL) and suits both men and women. Bering offers the airbag vest in black and Hi-Viz yellow colorways, and the €399.99 ($402 USD) MSRP makes it accessible to more riders.

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