A lot of people don't particularly like riding while wearing a backpack as they tend to get in the way of our range of motion, and have a tendency to get really hot, especially on warm summer days. That being said, manufacturers of motorcycle specific backpacks know this, and design them in such a way that they keep you comfortable, while offering additional protection in the process. 

While top notch motorcycle-specific backpacks like those from Kriega can set you back hundreds of dollars, there are, indeed, a good number of more affordable options that offer similar ergonomics and just as much utility. One such backpacks comes from the French manufacturer Kenny Racing. Although this backpack doesn't come with an innovative strap and locking system like its upscale counterparts, it is, however, very affordable at 75 Euros, or approximately $77 USD, and is designed to be a very useful, everyday motorcycle-specific backpack. 

The 20 liter overall storage space of the Kenny Racing backpack is provided by its roomy, cushioned main compartment. In addition, the bag has two side pockets with zippers and an additional front pocket. A plethora of interior pockets and zips also make it easy for you to arrange your everyday essentials. Last but not least, when you're strolling about off the bike, you can secure your belongings with the help of the three mesh pockets and elastic tie on the exterior—perfect for strapping your helmet onto when you're not riding.

When it comes to ergonomics, the Kenny Racing backpack gets shoulder straps that are padded with mesh. The main portion of the back is also padded in mesh to offer extra comfort and breathability. The bag gets a slot for you to pass your headphones through for additional convenience when you're off the bike. For the protection of your valuables, the Kenny Racing backpack gets reinforced sides which offer a degree of abrasion resistance. That said, it isn't equipped with a back protector, so it's probably best to wear a certified motorcycle jacket underneath the backpack. 

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