Some motorcyclists find it more convenient to avoid donning motorcycle-specific pants. It makes perfect sense that riding apparel, especially large touring and adventure apparel, may be stiflingly hot and heavy. Your legs, however, are frequently the first part of your body to make contact with the ground or another vehicle in a crash. It is therefore best to always wear complete protection.

Luckily, nearly all moto gear and equipment makers worth their salt have at least a handful of casual riding jeans that offer comfort and sober styling without compromising on safety and protection. Such is the case with Richa, a popular Belgian manufacturer known for its classy, neutral-style riding gear. The brand has just released its newest casual riding jeans called the Brooklyn 2, and at a glance, it can be hard to tell that these pants are actually certified riding jeans. 

Belgian Gear Maker Richa Releases Brooklyn 2 Riding Pants

For starters, the Brooklyn 2 has a regular fit and adopts the chino pant design with a canvas made of cotton and elastane for added comfort and a more laid-back appearance. The Brooklyn 2 is reinforced with aramid fiber inserts on the drop zones, which give excellent abrasion resistance as well as protection from punctures and impacts, in order to be certified as a pair of motorcycle-approved riding pants.

Additional safety is afforded thanks to a slew of other protectors. To keep your lower extremities intact in the case of a slide, the trousers have detachable, Level 1 D3O Ghost-certified protection on the knees and hip pockets. Thanks to all of these safety measures, the Brooklyn 2 is recognized as Class A PPE by the EN 17092-4:2020 standard.

Style and protection aside, the Brooklyn 2 offers little more practicality than your everyday pair of jeans. It gets four outside pockets, belt loops, and a standard YKK zipper. As for availability, Richa offers the Brooklyn 2 in sizes ranging from 28 to 44, with a length of 32 only. Color options consist of Beige, Green, and Navy, and the pants retail for 209.99 Euros, or the equivalent of $214 USD. 

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