Swiss motorcycle gear and equipment maker IXS has a wide selection of products for nearly all categories of motorcycling. Apart from, of course, being protective, IXS’ products are also known for being loaded with value. For the colder months, as well as moving into spring, the gear and equipment manufacturer has just released a new riding jacket that hopes to hit three birds with one stone.

It’s called the Classic SO Moto 2.0, and it’s an evolution of the brand’s Classic SO jacket. The new jacket is first and foremost distinguished by its unique style. Taking on a more urban aesthetic, the Classic SO Moto 2.0 features solid mesh panels on the outside giving it a minimalist style. A large hood is also included, and is perfect for keeping your neck warm while riding, as well as keeping your head dry on rainy days off the bike.

IXS Introduces Stylish And Waterproof Classic SO Moto 2.0 Jacket

Diving into the details a little bit more, the IXS Classic SO Moto 2.0 jacket is made out of a waterproof, windproof, stretchable, and breathable fabric called solto-TEX 2-layer laminate. There’s also a removable thermal lining for added protection against the cold. This means that the jacket doubles as a windbreaker and a raincoat, thanks to welded seams to prevent water ingress. These welded membranes not only keep water out and warmth in, they also allow you to dry the jacket much quicker, allowing you to get back on the saddle the next day, even if the weather hasn’t improved much.

I mentioned earlier that the jacket hits three birds with one stone. The first two birds were styling and cold and wet weather comfort. Last but definitely not the least is protection. After all, the IXS Classic SO Moto 2.0 is designed as a motorcycle jacket, and so it meets all the requirements to be qualified as Class AA motorcycle gear. Indeed, it has the goods to back it up with shoulder and elbow protectors as standard, as well as a pocket for a standard back protector.

Availability-wise, IXS offers the Classic SO Moto 2.0 jacket in sizes ranging from S all the way to 3XL in colors consisting of blue and green. For big-bodied folks, there’s even a 5XL option available in black. IXS has priced the new jacket at 199.95 Euros, which translates to around $210 USD.

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