In October 2022, Suzuki introduced the Burgman Street 125 EX in the European market. In the hopes of bringing premium features to younger, newer riders, Suzuki decked out the Burgman Street with all the telltale features of a true, premium maxi-scooter. Now, Suzuki’s doing the same with the Asian market, particularly India, by debuting this entry-level maxi-scooter.

If, however, the Burgman Street EX was a budget-friendly, entry-level option in the European market, it faces some stiff competition in India in terms of price. Retailing for Rs 112,300, or approximately $1,365 USD, it commands quite a premium against the other entry-level options in the scooter segment, while only marginally inching ahead in terms of its features. That being said, the Burgman Street EX does have some premium components which hopefully will be enough of a justification for its premium price tag.

Suzuki Introduces The Burgman Street 125 EX In India

For starters, compared to the base model Burgman Street, the EX gets a larger 12-inch rear wheel which should provide a little more comfort on uneven roads. On top of that, the EX has a slightly longer wheelbase by 25 millimeters, which could potentially translate to improved stability in both low and high speed conditions.

Suzuki hopes to connect with the younger, techie riding community with the Burgman Street EX by incorporating Bluetooth smartphone connectivity as standard. This allows users to connect to the scooter via a mobile app, and view pertinent data such as ride stats and overall vehicle health. There’s also a new silent starter and automatic engine shut off system to save fuel and reduce emissions while riding in traffic, among other tech features. All these new features come at the rather measly expense of weight, with the new Burgman Street EX tipping the scales at one kilogram heavier than the base model—112 kilograms to be precise.

The new Suzuki Burgman Street EX is being offered in India with three new colorways consisting of Metallic Matte Platinum Silver No. 2, Metallic Royal Bronze and Metallic Matte Black No. 2. Performance-wise, we’re looking at the same 125cc fuel-injected engine with Suzuki’s Eco Performance Alpha (SEP-α) technology known for its impressive fuel efficiency, reliability, and beginner-friendly performance.

Suzuki Introduces The Burgman Street 125 EX In India
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